• Why Girlfriends are Good for the Soul

    Spending time with girlfriends is therapeutic, educational, fun and necessary. Getting together with your girlfriends is a great reminder that we are not alone in the challenges we face as mothers, wives and business women. Girl time can also be fun and relaxing. We all need time to have fun with the people that know us best.

    Time to Talk

    Your relationship status might be fantastic. You and your significant other are satisfied with life and handle the obstacles that life can throw your way. However, we all experience a time when something happens that only a close girlfriend will know how to respond or understand. Men typically want to fix problems but girlfriends are good at listening and providing perspective.

    A group of girlfriends getting together is also like a therapy session. It’s our chance to vent about our day, what annoys us and road blocks we are facing. A close friend that knows you can also provide guidance, let you vent and give you great advice.

    We may keep up with each other on Facebook, phone calls or text messaging but nothing is better than getting together with a girlfriend. Let’s face it, sometimes we just need a hug from someone that understands.

    Girlfriends are Better than Wine

    Hectic days at work often lead to hectic nights taking care of the family. Weekdays are household chores, dinner, homework and bedtime. At some point you manage to fit in a very necessary glass of wine so you can unwind from your day.

    What’s better than that moment at the end of the day when you get to enjoy a glass of wine? Take some time during the weekend to enjoy wine with your friends. Take time to get together for fun. Host a game night at your house, take time to let loose and get a little outrageous.

    Back to Basics

    There is something very organic about getting together with your girlfriends. The whole process of deciding where everyone wants to go, what we are going to wear and what we are going eat just takes you back to the time when that’s the only major decision you had to make. The biggest difference between then and now? Now you can afford to dress up and go out so take advantage of it!

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