• What’s In Your Closet?

    There are some basic pieces of clothing that we all should have in our closet. Certain style of dresses have a long shelf life in our closet’s. If you think about it, how often have you put on a dress that you have had for years and thought, “No, this is to dated”? Now think about how many jeans you have owned in the past few years? We have seen boyfriend, skinny and mom jeans come in and out of style in just the past 2 years.

    Casual to Classy

    The basic sheath dress is great for work. It’s both comfortable and professional making it perfect for work. The sheath dress looks great with flats or heels. You can also dress up a sheath dress if you have plans after work. Take off the jacket, add a statement necklace and a pair of sassy heels and you are ready for happy hour.

    Sweater dresses never go out of style. In Louisiana, we only get a few choice days to wear the sweater dress. Just add a pair of boots and you will be protected from the cold weather. Sweater dresses can be a little clingy so add a belt or a sash to help give the dress a new shape.

    Effortlessly Chic

    We always want to look our best but don’t always feel like going through the motions of finding something casual and cute to wear when you run errands. The maxi dress is the perfect comfortable dress to wear year round. A maxi dress has a certain flow that creates an aura of sophistication. When it’s cold outside and your maxi dress is strapless or has spaghetti straps, just add a jacket and you are ready to head out to the store.

    A good summer and spring dress is an important part of any southern woman’s wardrobe. In Louisiana, we can often wear our sundresses into the Fall season. It’s hard to look your best after a day full of tailgating or an afternoon at a crawfish boil or festival. A sundress helps keep you cool, comfortable and looking your best.

    Special Occasions

    We all need a dress for formal occasions. You hate to spend a ton of money on a cocktail dress or a formal dress that you will most likely only wear one time. You can avoid the expense by getting a little black dress. A basic and flattering black dress can be dressed up with the right necklace and pair of shoes. Making it possible to look great without breaking the bank.

    Anyone that knows me, knows I love Chico’s. Here are my favorite versions of the LBD!

    Angie Loves Chicos

    Click the image to see this LBD

    Angie Loves maxi dresses

    LBD is not for you? Check out this elegant maxi dress.










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