Getting Organized

Are you easily distracted at work

In past blogs have written about technology time stealers. It’s true that I often get distracted by emails and notifications. Have you ever been focused on one task, then you the chime that you have mail, text or an internet notification? The next thing you know, you are scrolling through your timeline, get drawn into a group conversation or shift focus to an unimportant email task.
Here are a few tips to get you back on track. (read more…)

What would we do without technology?
Can you survive without your cell phone?
Are you overwhelmed with Facebook notifications?

Technology makes it easier for us to tackle our ever growing to-do lists. Sometimes technology is more of a time stealer and takes away our ability to live in the moment. When I am spending precious time with my mom, she often admonishes me with a, “Can’t you put your phone down for two seconds?”

I am starting to realize that technology creates a false sense of urgency. Does this sound familiar?

  • I must check my email even when I’m off the clock.
  • I must immediately respond to all emails
  • I must respond to my instant messages now
  • I must update my Facebook status now
  • I have to watch this video of “grandma’s dancing” now

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cleaned up my cluttered kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen is the central room in the home that has the most use and the most traffic. When your kitchen is in chaos, so is your family. I wanted to share a few tips that I recently put into practice in my kitchen. Now meal preparation, keeping up with my grocery list and cleaning up is easier than ever. This is how I cleaned up my cluttered kitchen. (read more…)

How a Brain Dump increases productivity

Do you suffer from headaches, sleepless nights, or have trouble winding down at the end the day? For years, I had trouble being in the moment with my family because my brain was constantly fretting over my mental to-do list. If someone was talking to me, I could not focus on what they were saying because I was more focused on what’s next!

If you don’t learn to clear your brain, eventually exhaustion, anxiety and burn-out will rule your days. I started doing some research and developed a 4 technique process called a Brain Dump. Start practicing these methods outlined in this blog as soon as possible. It will change your mindset, lead to increased productivity, and let you truly enjoy time with your family. (read more…)

integrative health Angie LeBlanc

Did you sit in your home on New Year’s Day and think to yourself, “I am going to be healthier, richer, and more organized in 2016?”.  Did you immediately get side tracked and eat a leftover Christmas cookie that you have hoarded in your pantry? Don’t worry, we are all guilty of having good intentions and doing nothing to see those intentions become a reality.  If your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 include health, wealth, and getting organized then I am here to help!

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