• Time Management Hacks to Help You Get Through Your Day

    We have all uttered this one phrase that we know we don’t mean…

    I need more hours in the day.

    Do you know what would happen if we had more than 24 hours in a day? We would easily fill them and still say that nasty little phrase. The trick is not to have more hours in the day, but to save your hours. If you save your hours you can spend more time with loved ones, take time to relax and most importantly, take time for more fun.

    Multitasking Doesn’t Save You Time

    We all multitask but did you know multitasking is actually a time killer? It’s true. When you shift from one task to another, you have to mentally refocus. It’s better just to concentrate and do one thing well. When you are finished, then move on the next task.

    When your focus is divided into multiple tasks you are more prone to make mistakes. When you have to go back and fix those mistakes, how much time did you really save?

    Focusing on a single task will help you to feel less frazzled. Multitasking causes adrenaline rushes and anxiety. I personally feel a greater sense of accomplishment when I can complete a task in its entirety and know that I did it to the best of my ability.

    In the Kitchen

    It is not easy to rush to get home and fix a well-balanced meal for your family. Once you get home, cook a meal, and clean the kitchen it’s pretty much time for bed. There are a few time savers to help ensure that both you and your family eat well and avoid fast food.

    Get the Family Involved

    Teach your kids to cook. Here are a few ideas on how they can help you:

    • Stirring and mixing
    • Cutting up onions, celery, bell peppers
    • Cleaning bowls, pots and pans as you finish using them
    • Making the dinner salads

    Cooking with your kids is a great way to spend time with them, teach them a valuable life skill and will help you get out of the kitchen a little bit quicker.

    Crock pots are great time savers as well. Click here to view one of my favorite recipes .

    The Freezer is Your Friend

    I know we don’t often have downtime, but pick a cooking day and prepare several large meals. Fix a big pot of soup, a casserole, lasagna, or a gumbo. Cut everything into dinner portions and freeze it. Having cooked meals in the freezer will come in handy on extra hectic days or days when you just don’t feel like cooking.

    Order Online

    Food subscription services are growing in popularity. Most subscription services deliver farm fresh foods and free range, steroid free meats to your doorstep. Most meals only take 30 to 40 minutes to cook because they do most of the prep work for you. One service in particular called Home Chef offers up to 11 different entrée menu options each week that include whole meals, plus additional options for breakfast, a fruit basket and smoothies. Most services provide meals for families as small as two and as large as six. Do the research and ask around to find a subscription service that works for you.

    You can also order certain non-perishable foods and household items online. Ordering groceries online you save money. When you walk through a grocery store, we are often distracted by displays and are tempted to buy junk food. Amazon Prime Pantry allows you to choose just what you need and you can schedule to have certain items such as laundry detergent auto delivered saving you even more time!

    Don’t be Afraid to Delegate

    Whether you are at home or at work, don’t be afraid to delegate. Once you get used to it, you won’t know how you survived before. Most people want to help. It’s good to have the husband and the kids helping with household chores. At work, we are always stronger when we support each other to accomplish goals. Think of delegating as a form of team building.

    Learn to Say No

    Saying ‘No’ can be extremely difficult for some of us. If you want to take control of your day and manage your time, you are going to have to start saying no. Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself and your priorities first. Manage your day and only help out if you truly have time. I promise you will not lose any friends. If you do, you are probably better off without them.

    Manage the Task List

    Making a list of what you need to do helps keep us straight and manage our day. If your task list gets too long, you may start to focus more on the list and less on what you need to accomplish.

    Don’t get too detail oriented with your task list. Too many details leads to a larger list. Keep the list general. Think about how long each task should take and add 15 minutes to each task and write the times down. This way you are starting your day knowing whether or not it is realistic to complete your tasks. The additional 15 minutes for each task accounts for regular daily interruptions such as phone calls, traffic and checking emails.

    Separate Need from Want

    There is also a difference in what you need to accomplish and what you want to accomplish. Adding too many wants can add unnecessary pressure to yourself. Take care of your needs first, and then indulge in what you want.

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