• New Year’s Resolutions: Working Towards a Better You

    Did you sit in your home on New Year’s Day and think to yourself, “I am going to be healthier, richer, and more organized in 2016?”.  Did you immediately get side tracked and eat a leftover Christmas cookie that you have hoarded in your pantry? Don’t worry, we are all guilty of having good intentions and doing nothing to see those intentions become a reality.  If your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 include health, wealth, and getting organized then I am here to help!

    Working towards a better you is not easy.  However, with the proper tools and assistance you can indeed be a better you this new year!  First you must set realistic goals.  Use the following SMART questions when setting your goals.

    Angie LeBlanc SMART goals

    Let’s explore some common goals or resolutions.

    Health and Wellness

    We all strive to feel and live better, but are your daily choices reflecting that?  Download my wellness checklist to determine if you are making the right choices you need to truly live a better life.

    Download Angie B LeBlanc Health Coach

    There is no score for the checklist.  Simply review and ask yourself:

    • What picture do I see of myself?
    • What desirable adjustments do I need to make?

    I encourage you to use this as a tool for creating your goals for this year.  Print your results and then re-evaluate in 6 months and see if your responses have changed.  This will help you see if your daily choices have improved.


    Whether you have an abundance or lack of money, it is always important to keep your finances organized and accounted for.  When you account for every penny earned and spent, you will instantly get a better view of the state of your finances.  Sometimes you don’t realize how much you spend going out to eat or on a TV that you barely watched.  The New Year is a great time to sit down with your finances and ask the following questions:

    • Am I spending more than I am earning?
    • Am I paying off my debt or adding to it?
    • Can I reach an attainable savings goal? If not, where should I decrease spending in order to save.
    • Would opening separate accounts benefit me or hinder me?

    Along with those questions, I encourage you to track every penny that comes in and goes out.  I’ve created a simple spreadsheet that can help you to see your finances on paper and make appropriate changes.  You can download the spreadsheet below.

    Download Angie B LeBlanc Health Coach

    “No one’s ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February.”

    — Suze Orman


    I’ve written an article about How to Get Time on Your Side, that includes tips such as:

    • Use an Erin Condren planner to manage your daily tasks
    • Block time in your day for family time, spousal time, journal time, meditation time
    • Use color coding as much as you can
    • Develop disciplined sleep patterns, stop binging on Netflix

    Do you feel like you a prone to procrastination or answer yes to any of these questions:

    • Does your task list overwhelm you?
    • Are new tasks added to your to-do list faster than you can complete them?
    • Do you feel like your goals are being pushed aside because you are too focused on task completion?

    If so, I encourage you to read my recent article about eating your frog.  I provide tips that will  help you to manage tasks more efficiently, allowing you to accomplish more.


    All resolutions share a major hurdle: discipline.  It takes 21 days to create a habit.  If you can commit to positive changes whether in your health, finances, or organization for 21 days then there is a greater chance that you will accomplish your goals for 2016.

    Don’t beat yourself up if you fail, just pick yourself up and start over.  I have countless stories about how I have failed at a diet, balanced my checkbook incorrectly, missed an appointment, or run myself down with too much on my plate.  It isn’t about failing, it’s about how you react when you fall.  Having discipline with attainable goals will help you to see your reward and work hard to earn it.  If I stopped my journey every time I fell off the bandwagon, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Today I am helping others with their goals by equipping them with resources, coaching, and encouraging.

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