• Mindful vs Mindless Eating

    Mindful vs Mindless Eating

    Earlier this month I hosted a virtual event on Facebook called Mindful vs Mindless Eating. I had lots of ladies join in and participate. We had a lot of fun with the daily challenges and enjoyed getting feedback from everyone.

    Mindless eating is a struggle for a lot of people, it’s important to understand the trigger for mindless eating and develop the tools to go from Mindless to Mindful.



    There are several triggers that lead to mindless eating. First we are going to identify the triggers then I can provide you with tips on how to overcome them. You will be amazed at how easy these changes are. Change can’t occur without awareness.

    • Stress
    • Traditions
    • Fatigue
    • Boredom
    • Emotions


    With the exception of traditions, the other triggers listed are mostly associated with living a hectic lifestyle. It’s time to make yourself slow down, stop telling yourself how busy you are. It’s time to delegate, prioritize and get rid of our lengthy task list. Believe it or not overloading your schedule is more of a state of mind. Here are a few tips to help you slow down:

    • Sit down at the dinner table. Make time for your meal.
    • Turn off the TV when you sit down to eat.
    • Pay attention to your food. Enjoy the taste, smell, texture and look of each bite.
    • Stop skipping meals. Schedule your food time like they are meetings you can’t miss.
    • Keep healthy snacks with you to help avoid the drive thru’s.
    • Don’t judge yourself if you overeat.
    • Stop eating when you are full, it’s not necessary to clean your plate.
    • Slow Down! Eat slower and chew your food.
    • Take large and medium out of your diet and stick with smaller sizes.

    If you are eating while at the computer or watching TV, you stop paying attention to how much you are eating. If you unplug and pay attention to your food, it is less likely you will overeat. Stepping away to prepare and eat your food will give your body and mind a much needed break.

    Benefits of Being Mindful

    Mindful eating helps you slow down and appreciate food. When we learn to slow down we enjoy life a lot more and find that life is less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

    Mindful eating:

    • Encourages proper digestion
    • Aids in nutrient absorption
    • Promotes ideal body weight
    • Develops a healthy relationship with food
    • Sleep better
    • Think clearer

    If you a ready to start eating mindfully here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

    Why do I eat?

    When do I want to eat?

    What do I eat?

    How do I eat?

    How Much to I eat?

    Where do I invest my energy?

    It takes the brain 20 minutes to realizes it’s full. So slow down when you eat by putting your fork down between bites. Since you are no longer sitting in front of the TV to eat, enjoying conversations with family will help slow eating down.

    I love my garden and look forward to the Spring time when I can prep my garden, plant and then sow the seeds. There is something very rewarding about growing your own food and turning it into a healthy meal. Eating mindfully lets you enjoy and appreciate your food and helps you develop a respect for how food nourishes your body.

    For more information, the Mindful Eating event is over but I still have it open if anyone wants to visit and gain a few more tips. I encourage you to practice the daily challenges.

    I have a follow up event called Mindful Eating On The Go that starts July 11. A big challenge is finding healthy food options when you are out and about. If you live a hectic lifestyle and just can’t slow down, this event will provide you with tips, tricks and challenges to help create a healthier you.