• Kitchen Gadget Addict And More

    I received such a positive response from everyone when I wrote my Kitchen Gadget Addict post. Turns out I am not alone! I decided to share a few more items that I love. My good Christy Orf is my Pampered Chef guru. Together we compiled a list of some items that we love!

    Coated Utility Knife


    I use this all-purpose knife to cut fruits and veggies for my smoothies!

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    Flexible Cutting Mat Set

    Flexible cutting mats are very useful. Have you ever cut up an onion and when you went to add it to the pan some onion would end up on the floor? I no longer have to scrape my onions into the pan. With a flex cutting mat, you can roll it up to prevent any food getting away from you.

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    A Few More Favs…

    Butcher Box

    Okay… I know. This is not a gadget. I couldn’t help myself, I love subscriptions! The Butcher Box has been an amazing find. Top quality meat with an interesting story to share. I can find tons of ways to use my kitchen gadgets when I order from them.

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    Kitchen Shears

    I love my kitchen shears! I can cut poultry, meat, and fish for clean and easy prep!

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    Kitchen Twister Thing-A-Ma-Jig

    Slice and twist your food and present top chef worthy dishes with the Kitchen Twister Slicer.

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    GreenLife Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pans

    I love my GreenLife frying pans! They are durable, easy to clean, cook evenly, and are dishwasher safe!

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