• Is Your Plate Too Full?


    The lessons you have learned over the years about proper nutrition is wrong. Good nutrition is not about a food pyramid or putting together three balanced meals a day. As a matter of fact, nutrition does not start with food at all. Proper nutrition is broken down into two categories, primary foods and secondary foods.

    As an integrative health coach, it’s my practice to teach you how to feed your soul before you feed your body. So get ready to unlearn everything you were taught and change how you think about food.

    What’s Missing from the Food Pyramid?

    Most illustrations showing us good nutrition only factor in food and not our environment and state of mind. The primary foods are on the outer ring of the plate and account for:

    • Spirituality
    • Physical Activity
    • Career
    • Relationships

    These four areas of our lives represent the plate for our food. If any area of our primary food is out of balance, that means the plate is broken making it difficult to maintain a balance with secondary food.

    Distraction is Good

    Close your eyes and remember one of the happiest moments in your life. Think about when you were the most carefree or satisfied?

    Was it:

    • Decorating your babies room?
    • Being a part of a ground breaking project at work?
    • Training for a 5K?
    • Playing kickball in the street?
    • Buckling down and studying and passing a certification or degree?
    • Planning a special family event?

    We all have moments of success throughout our lives when we feel satisfied and content, not just with the result but we get lost in the process that leads to our success.

    For example, when you feel confident and love what you do, time seems to stop. When you get so focused on a project, all the chatter in your brain goes away. Do you know what else goes away? Your need to eat in order to avoid what you don’t enjoy working on. Mindless eating is replaced with joy and satisfaction when we love what we do.

    Here is an example I’m sure we can all relate to. Remember being outside playing with your friends and all of the sudden you hear the dreaded phrase, “Time for dinner!” the first time you hear it, you decided to ignore your mom and keep playing. Then you get a second shout out but you can’t help yourself, the only thing that makes you pull away from playing is the rising anger in your mom’s voice.

    In reality, mom pulled you away from your primary food. You were not hungry because you were distracted focusing on what made you happy.

    The daily passion for life is our primary food. This passion makes us feel joy, peace, fun, excitement and contentment. This allows food to become secondary.

    Why We Focus on Secondary Foods

    Now we are going to focus on times when you felt depressed and your self-esteem was low. When negative feelings start to take over, that means you are starved for primary foods. You then start to fill up on secondary foods in order to feel satisfied.

    Primary foods allow you to:

    • Find satisfaction in relationships
    • Embrace your spirituality
    • Increase physical activity
    • Love your career

    If any of the above is off balance, snacks and plates of food can never replace or replenish your primary food. However, when you are balanced in these areas, managing your secondary foods is easier.

    What’s on the Plate?

    Sustaining your body is just as important as sustaining your soul. It’s important to take in the right balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, fats, oats and water. Below you will find a list of articles that explain how to bring together the right amount of secondary nutrion.

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