• How Sugar Impacts Your Mental Health

    Most of us are aware of the health impacts of diabetes and obesity that comes along with eating too much refined sugar. However, did you know that too much sugar also impacts our mental health as well? Too much sugar impacts your memory and can trigger chronic depression. Sugar also causes inflammation that over time weakens your immune system.


    A high refined sugar intake can increase your risk of slipping into a depressive mental state. Research has proven that sugar suppresses a hormone called BDNF, when your BDNF hormones are too low you can end up in a depressive state. Studies show that chronic depression can lead to brain damage over time.

    Studies show that brisk walking three times a week and cutting back on sugar helps combat depression. Walking increases the amount of dopamine that is released into your body. Dopamine allows you to experience pleasure and satisfaction. Adding moderate exercise and adjusting your sugar intake is good for both your mental and physical health.


    If you suffer from general high anxiety or prone to panic attacks, sugar may worsen your condition. Sugar can make you hyper alert and cause your body to mimic the same symptoms as a panic or anxiety attack. While following a specific diet cannot stop anxiety issues, it is a very useful tool to help minimize the symptoms.

    Impairs Learning and Memory

    In a 2012 study conducted at UCLA, discovered that a high refined sugar diet impairs your memory and literally slows down your brain. Insulin is a hormone that controls our blood sugar levels and regulates how our brains cells function. Low insulin is not just a matter of feeling tired, insulin has a direct impact on how our brain communicates with the rest of our body. A 2013 study linked high sugar diets and an increased risk for developing Alzheimer’s.

    General Wellness

    Changing your diet and giving up sugar is not easy and it takes more than just will power. Developing an overall wellness plan that includes changes in your mindset, relationships, work, food and exercise can help you reach a place of satisfaction and comfort.

    Integrative health coaching can help you overcome your dependency on sugar and help guide you through developing a balance of physical activity, proper nutrition and spiritual peace.

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