• How I Cleaned Up My Cluttered Kitchen

    For many of us, the kitchen is the central room in the home that has the most use and the most traffic. When your kitchen is in chaos, so is your family. I wanted to share a few tips that I recently put into practice in my kitchen. Now meal preparation, keeping up with my grocery list and cleaning up is easier than ever. This is how I cleaned up my cluttered kitchen.

    Clean Up and Create Space

    The first step in gaining control of the chaos is to empty out all of the cabinets. Throw away or donate any appliances, utensils or food items you have not used in years. Yes, that includes the big bulky juicer that you only used a few times several years ago. Only keep your frequently used items, remember the goal is to make space in the most used area of your home.

    Only keep the daily flatware and dishes in the kitchen. Move your holiday and seasonal dishes to the hall closet. Anything that you use occasionally put away in storage. If you are saving any items to pass on to your kids, go on and give them the inheritance now. This way you get to see them enjoy your family heirlooms, instead of keeping them in a box in the closet.


    Consider how you use various items and put them into cabinets that make the most sense. For example, I keep my casserole dishes near the oven.

    casserole dishes

    My fridge is the main source for all my drinks, so I stored my glasses near the refrigerator.


    If you are a coffee drinker, set up a coffee station near the sink. The station should include sugar, creamer, mugs, and filters.

    Trace your normal patterns and habits when in the kitchen. Try to avoid going back and forth across the kitchen. The more you have to move around the more likely you are to get unorganized.

    Movin’ On Up

    This is one of my favorite tips! We often are not utilizing all of the space in our cabinets. I added a lazy susan to my spice cabinet. Now it’s easier for me to find my spices and they take up less horizontal space in the cabinet.

    I also recommend getting stackable containers from the dollar store and group together your packets. This helps you keep up with pantry inventory and prevents items from cluttering up your cabinets. Items to put in containers:

    • Hot Cereals
    • Packet Sauces and Gravies
    • Plexus Slim and Plexus 96
    • Spice Packets

    Plastic Containers

    We all struggle with this one… keeping our plastic containers organized. We always start off with good intentions but somewhere along the way we lose control of the containers cabinet. Start off by doing an audit, double check to see if all the containers have lids. Those that don’t get rid of them. Stack your containers and put the lids in a larger container so they all stay together. Keeping your lids in one place prevents them from scattering all over the cabinet. This way, you don’t have to spend precious time digging around for lids.

    lid container

    Think Outside the Box

    We organize our kitchens out of habit and what we learned growing up. Not all glasses and cups have to go inside the cabinet. Underneath the cabinet next to the coffee station, add hooks and hang your coffee mugs. If you don’t drink coffee but love your wine, attach a stemware rack under the cabinet instead.

    I free up my drawer space by keeping my most used cooking utensils in a mug on the counter.

    Space saving tips


    We all have a junk drawer for those stray items we want to keep but have no idea where to put them. Keep up with your junk by organizing your junk drawer. Pick up some drawer dividers or small containers to help organize the chaos.