break our style rut

Summertime is the perfect time to find an excuse to fit in a weekend refresh. Sometimes our closets get a little stale. I know a lot of women put themselves on the bottom of their priority list. One way to refresh and renew your spirit is to take a look at what is in our closet. Updating our style can help reenergize and remind us how wonderful it feels to take care of ourselves. (read more…)


What we wear and how we accessorize are often determined by season such as scarves in the Fall, swimsuits in the Summer, and flip flops in the Spring. I live in Louisiana which means we only have two seasons, extremely hot or fairly cold. We don’t see the leaves change color and rarely encounter snow. No matter where you live, regional fashion trends come and go, however, there are a few staple accessories that will never change. Here is my list of must-have accessories that never go out of style. (read more…)

Wardrobe basics

There are some basic pieces of clothing that we all should have in our closet. Certain style of dresses have a long shelf life in our closet’s. If you think about it, how often have you put on a dress that you have had for years and thought, “No, this is to dated”? Now think about how many jeans you have owned in the past few years? We have seen boyfriend, skinny and mom jeans come in and out of style in just the past 2 years. (read more…)

Dress for success Angie B Leblanc

Let’s all admit it, finding the balance between comfortable and professional clothes is challenging. I find myself faced with the challenges of dressing for success and being comfortable. Offices are getting more casual with the dress code. Several offices have what is known as a relaxed office dress code.

While comfort is important, it is even more important to maintain a professional appearance. A professional appearance evokes authority, respect and trust. Casual dress has its place, sometimes looking too casual can harm your image. Clothes that are tailored can give you a feeling that you are entering a room looking your best. (read more…)