• Good Morning Creativity

    I recently discovered The Miracle of Morning Pages by Julia Cameron. Morning Pages is a form of journaling that helps you embrace creativity and inspire transformation. Morning Pages explores why it is important to journal in the morning as opposed to the evening.

    Morning Writing

    We are fresh in the morning. While we are sleeping, our brain processes thoughts and essentially performs a brain dump. When you wake up in the morning we have processed all of the previous day’s activities. Early in the morning, your ego does not get in the way of writing. Your vulnerability and honesty can shine through onto the Morning Pages.

    Writing during the waking up process allows you to reach your unconscious mind. Expressing yourself from your unconscious mind helps you understand your deeper self without distractions and outside influences.

    Dictate Your Day

    Morning Pages allow you to transcribe your thoughts honestly and purposefully. Dictating your thoughts at the end of the day can often turn into venting sessions. Morning Pages allow you to process how you want your day to go and provides encouragement to face your aversions.

    I highly recommend picking up a copy of Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages.