• Are You Easily Distracted?

    In past blogs have written about technology time stealers. It’s true that I often get distracted by emails and notifications. Have you ever been focused on one task, then you the chime that you have mail, text or an internet notification? The next thing you know, you are scrolling through your timeline, get drawn into a group conversation or shift focus to an unimportant email task.
    Here are a few tips to get you back on track.


    Try adding some structure to your day. Only check emails in the morning and late afternoon. Remember emails are not intended to be an urgent form of communication. If it’s urgent, they will call you. Most of the time emails lead to small tasks that can leave your day fragmented. If you only handle emails at specific times of the day, you are creating more structure making it easier to manage your day.

    The first step towards controlling your day, is to turn off all notifications.


    Start with the Easy Stuff

    Getting started on your day or beginning a new project can be rather daunting. Morning time may be time for your peak performance and highest mental acuity but it may be best to start with the small task and ease your way into the more challenging tasks.  Each small task completed will build your confidence and help create an intellectual momentum.

    Take a Break

    Breaks and a change of scenery helps clear your head, gets your adrenaline running and will increase your productivity. Start by setting a timer, soon you will be in the habit of taking breaks you won’t need a timer anymore.

    Location… Location… Location….

    Your office space should contain elements that are bright, happy and relaxing. Surround yourself with pictures of family and friends. Get a digital photo frame and periodically take the time to change out the pictures.

    Plants provide oxygen and help to create a healthy environment. Tending to your plant(s) is a great excuse for taking breaks.

    Do away with the dark and dreary desk and replace it with a lighter color desk. Office furniture is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of the oversized boring dark executive desks. Be creative when shopping for office furniture, turn a distressed farm table into a desk or conference table.

    Every now and then, take your work offsite. Changing up locations can be refreshing and help inspire your creative side. Go work at the library, a coffee shop, the park or your backyard patio.