• How to Create a Movement Menu

    Living a sedentary lifestyle can create chronic aches, pains, and constipation. If you are experiencing stress, working too hard, and thinking too much you may be doing some real harm to your body. Out of habit, many people try to alleviate tension by turning to alcohol and refined sugars which only provides temporary short-term relief. We need long-term relief in order to ease tension.

    Defining Movement

    I don’t want to use the term exercise. Often, the term exercise automatically turns off a lot of people. I like to use the term movement. Developing a movement program can provide long-term relief from tension and stress. When exercise is mentioned many cringe, and think about Crossfit ®, endurance training, or long hours at the gym.

    All you need to do is add movement into your daily routine. A leisurely walk through the park or the neighborhood in the evening is a movement program. What’s important is to discover what type of movement works for your body type and lifestyle.

    Types of Movement

    Embrace your childhood. What did you like to do as a kid? Did you bike, hike or loved to dance? Look at what you used to enjoy when deciding on a new movement routine.

    Movement is a way to nourish your body. We create menu’s on what we are going to eat for the week. Take some extra time to create a menu for movement:

    • Monday: 3 sets of 5 sit-ups, 5 push-ups, 10 leg-lifts, 15-second plank, and 15-second wall sit
    • Tuesday: Walk around the neighborhood
    • Wednesday: 20 minutes of yoga poses
    • Thursday: Walk around the neighborhood or park
    • Friday: 6 sit-ups and 6 pushups
    • Saturday: Mow the yard or gardening
    • Sunday: Rest

    Private vs Public

    If you prefer to be alone when you exercise here are a few suggestions for types of movement to include on your menu:

    • Mini trampoline
    • Hand weights
    • Exercise DVD
    • YouTube exercise or yoga videos

    The positive side of downloading videos from YouTube is that you can create a diverse movement menu that is affordable.

    Having a workout partner can help motivate and create a positive energy. Here are a few suggestions if you want to be around others:

    • Create a walking group
    • Join an adult recreational sports team such as a biking, baseball, or volleyball
    • Join a fitness class such as Pilates, karate, or dance
    • YouTube exercise or yoga videos

    Consider putting together a group that meets at the park for a series of exercises. Bring a tablet and play a video that everyone can follow. It’s the perfect way to get outside, enjoy the company of others, and fit in some much-needed movement.

    Understanding Your Body

    Our bodies are made up of natural rhythms. We all have times of the day when we feel more energetic than others. Do you think more clearly in the morning or the evening? When deciding on your movement menu, don’t try to force movement during your tired time.

    If you decide to join a gym or a workout boutique studio, look for convenience. Your movement menu needs to be convenient to your lifestyle. Your gym should be near your home or along the way of your daily commute.

    If you choose to do movement outside the gym, be sure to change it up. Walking in the same area can become monotonous. If you eat at the same restaurant every week, eventually you will grow tired of the menu. Not changing up your exercise is the same thing.

    Understanding your body and your routine enhances the chances of sticking with your movement menu.
    Need a few ideas on how to change up your workout routine? Try this no-equipment workout book. It’s filled with tons of movement options and 2 to 30-minute workout plans for all levels of fitness.

    What gets you moving?

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