• Cauliflower Rice Dressing

    Break tradition and try this Cauliflower Rice Dressing at your next dinner! It will become the new family favorite.


    1 chopped onion

    2 Tablespoons EVOO

    1 Teaspoon minced garlic

    1 lb grass fed beef

    12 oz Cauliflower rice

    ½ c chopped parsley

    Salt and pepper to taste or your favorite seasoning blend


    1. Saute onion and garlic in EVOO until translucent.
    2. Add ground beef and brown thoroughly.
    3. Add cauliflower rice and parsley.
    4. Cover and simmer on low fire for 30 minutes.

    What You Need:

    Calphalon Classic Nonstick Saute Pan with Cover, 5 Quart