• 5 Tips to an Organized Home Office

    Working from home is not always easy. It takes discipline, dedication and desire. You have to train your brain to forget about laundry and cleaning the kitchen in order to focus on your business. Then there are always the friends and family that think working from home means you are available for long lunches or to run errands for them. The bottom line is that if you work from home you are probably a one person business. That means there is only one person to do the bookkeeping, handle the sales, market your company, answer emails, maintain your website, provide the product or service to your customers.

    One way to learn how to focus on your work and help grow your business is to get organized. Getting organized decreases the amount of time you spend on small tasks. Let’s face it, a nice clean decluttered office just makes you feel good.

    1.  Keep it Together with Clips

    Binder clips offer multiple uses for helping you declutter and get organized. If you are drowning in paper here are some binder clips that have attached labels. The labels help you keep the stacks of paper organized! You can find them at Amazon.com.

    Organize Your Home Office


    Has your office been taken over by wires? We have wires for our computers, multiple USB chargers, wires for the printer, cellphone chargers, and iPad chargers. Here are a few ideas on how to reel in the wires:

    Clip the wires to the side of your desk using binder clips. This way they are organized and not too far away. This wills save you time trying to remember where you left your power cords and chargers. I found this great idea on Lifehack.comOffice organization

    You can even take the organizing to the next level. If you have a label maker, label all of your wires. This way you don’t spend precious time trying to figure out which wires goes with all of your electronic devices.

    2.  Dry Erase Calendar

    Put up a dry erase board that also functions as a calendar. Most of us maintain our calendars electronically. Writing your tasks on a giant erase board helps keep you on track. All you have to do is look up and you can easily see your to-do list and meeting schedule. This is a great way to keep you motivated and saves you time from pulling up your calendar and task list on your computer or phone.

    3.  Add Some Color

    Color coding helps you easily identify certain tasks and actions you need to take. Get some colorful hanging file folders and hanging file folders. Assign colors to related tasks:

    • Red = Bills
    • Green = Clients
    • Yellow = Administrative
    • Blue = Tax and Banking

    Filing is a task that many of us put off. Color coding helps save you a little bit of time and makes it easier to quickly find the information you need.

    4.  Supply Closet

    supply closet organizationKeep control of your desk by getting a supply closet. Desk clutter also has a way of cluttering our minds. Clean simple spaces free our mind making it easier to stay on task. Don’t just clean off your desk and throw everything in the supply closet.

    Get various sized bins and organize your supplies. Get what you need quickly and easily without sifting through paperclips, post-it notes and pens just to find binder clips. Organizing your supply closet will also help keep track of what supplies you need to order. To the right is an example that I found on Pinterest from Midwest Living.

    5.  Set Office Hours

    This is probably the most important thing you can do to organize your office. Getting in the mid-set that you are at work from 9:00 to 4:00 helps you stay on task and resist distractions. More importantly setting office hours will help you resist the urge to run into your office to “check on something real quick”.

    Literally post your hours on your door. Posting your hours is a reminder that when you open the door to your office, you are going to work. Posting the hours may even help limit interruptions from others.

    Once you are organized remember to resist the urge to take shortcuts. Stick to your new filing system and keep your supply closet organized. After a while your new habits will become second nature.

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