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How I Can Help You

I offer several plans and services to help you reach your individual goals. If you are ready to Jump Start to Wellness, Step Up to Success or want to tackle my 30 Day Fit and Healthy Challenge, visit my Services page for more details and to sign up!

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Health and Living

Welcome to the Health and Living section of my blog. As busy moms, business women and community leaders, we need practical advice on how to live healthy. I am in the process of obtaining my certification to become an Integrative...

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Time Management

Learning how to make life changes that allow us to manage our time is important to healthy living. Better managing your time leads to less stress and more time doing what you love. In 2011, I made a major lifeā€¦

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Meal Planner

Looking for great recipes and an easy way to plan your meals? My recipe section provides healthy and organic recipes from Wildtree. Save your favorite recipes, make grocery lists, add your own recipes and plan out your meals with my customizable meal planner.

Welcome to My Blog

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    When people think of dieting, often they are immediately drawn to quick results. This leads to some unfortunate things, like crash dieting, which is not healthy. Instead of doing something dangerous that will only yield short-term results, you need to […]

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    This is it, part 5 of my series for Love Your Gut. I want to thank everyone for the feedback. Remember, leave a comment and tell me what you think.
    Sitting down and being still for long periods of time not […]

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    This is part 3 of my 5 part Love Your Gut Series. We are half way through! Be sure to comment or send me an email about the series. I love to get feedback and get suggestions.
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